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C. O.C (city of the champions) podcast March 14th

On this Episode of the C.O.C (city of the Champions) podcast we give you the latest the Boston Bruins are still on fire so far in the month of march we give you a recap of the Game against Carolina Hurricane. We also discuss what its like playing with out one of our Star Players Partice Bergeron and Charlie MaCovy and what we think about Bruce Cassidy coaching as well as how are new comers playing an important roll after the 2018 NHL trade Deadline. On another note Boston Celtics have been a little bit of a hard rough patch with players being out but also not giving up. Also how Brad Stevens coaching have been helping us throughout the season. We also give you some latest news around the NBA. On another note NFL and the New England Patriots have made some changes as well as other teams around the NFL and we give you our thoughts and comments. March Madness starts up at the end of this week and we tell you our predictions and what we think will happen throughout this madness tourname…

C.O.C (city of the Champions) Podcast March 1st

ON this Episode of the C.O.C (city of the Champions)podcast we talk about the recap of the NHL trade deadline the Boston Bruins have made some moves. The Boston Bruins are also still hot and still winning games. On another note the Boston Celtics are back at it after the All- star break and they are looking greaT. THE Boston Red Sox are finally in spring training, they have also signed Antze Martinez. Finally in our segment we give you our top five throwback athletes. Tune in as my self Dannyboylax and my co host Talar give you the latest